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Why we create gifts.

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing someone's face light up when they see the perfect gift. Finding the perfect gift...that's the hard part, right? We would spend hours coming up with the perfect gift for our family and friends but quickly realized these gifts couldn't be found at the store. We might purchase something from the store and then rework it somehow to make it special, unique to the recipient. That's why we create custom gift, so each recipient feels like the gift was created just for them. Each piece is one of a kind because it is handmade. If you are interested in learning more about custom pieces please contact us. *We typically create custom pieces, but if you are interested in a custom pieces we do take time off closer to the holidays to get our own family's and friends gifts ready.

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How we became Katko's Creations llc 

Katko's Creations was established in November of 2017 in an attempt to offer the public unique, quality handmade gifts at an affordable price. For us creating is an adventure and an outlet to express