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How we became Katko's Creations llc 

Katko's Creations was established in November of 2017 in an attempt to offer the public unique, quality handmade gifts at an affordable price. For us creating is an adventure and an outlet to express ourselves. With both of us having degrees and backgrounds in art, and a constant drive to learn more techniques we decided to turn our hobby into a business.

Steve grew up learning how to do wood working from his father. He has always had an interest in how things work and an eye for what recycled items could be. In addition he has a degree in video production. Steve's primary focus is on woodworking and repurposing industrial products.

Donna has always used arts and crafts as an outlet for expressing herself. She has a hard time committing to one craft, but instead spends much time learning each craft and evolving her skills by mixing techniques. Donna has a degree in visual communications. Donna's primary focus is on painting and jewelry making.

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